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World of Laughter


This is my second time doing an "It's a Small World" room. We recently moved and I was sad to tell her old room goodbye! This time I was inspired by the ride's queue at Walt Disney World. I'm a HUGE Disney nerd, I love Mary Blair and I couldn't be more excited to have another room in our home that pays her so much honor! You cannot help but smile every time you peak inside and see it. Small World was always my favorite ride growing up. I loved all the textures, the kids outfits, the color, the boats, and of course the message the song brings to people. I have many happy memories riding it so this room fills me with happiness and nostalgia of days gone by. One trip in particular that comes to my mind was one that my grandparent took us on the ride was closed for refurbishment. My Papaw was an extremely frugal man who had grown up during the Great Depression and rarely did any thing extravagant. He paid for us to stay longer than trip just so I could ride It's a Small World. I only hope I pass on so many great memories to my kids!