White Washed Wood Nursery

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Our nursery is small so we wanted a feature wall with high impact that could also transition to a different gender or something that our little one would not outgrow in the future. We went with a white washed wood in a chevron pattern and white walls so that way we could easily switch out the pink curtains and accessories if needed. We love how it turned out!


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    Beautiful! Can you share where the wood for the wall came from and who did this for you (hoping you’re atlanta based)?!

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    What a beautiful space! Thank you for sharing here on Project Nursery. I hope you’ll consider adding some sources—as you can see, it’s already a popular nursery with our readers!

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    Hi There! Thank you to everyone for the nice comments! I added links to most items!

    Jennifer: The crib is the DaVinci Fairway 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in Rustic Pine. The link is above but multiple online stores sell it. :)

    Candice: We ordered the wooden name off of Etsy. The link to the item from etsy is above but they also have another site where you can preview the sign https://preview.acustomcut.com/ . We used October font, wood color is Birch and its 42 inches. Once we received it, I did a light white wash to it with some flat white paint and water. :)

    Brandi: We got the White washed wood from Home Depot (link is above). We did the wall pattern and install ourselves. However, we did nothing to the wood, it already came with all the unique coloring right out of the package!

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    HI! Your nursery looks beautiful! Quick question – I noticed the wood comes in 4′ planks. How big is each piece of wood you installed? How much did you cut the wood plank down to?

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    Hi Samantha! We were trying to just cut them all equally in half but we made some adjustments based on the wall width so we could have as equal of rows as possible. We started in the middle and worked our way out. We have an older home so of course walls are not straight so my husband cut each piece to fit when putting the last rows in on each corner!

    Hi Lindsay! That was actually a TJ Maxx find from a few years ago so I wasn’t able to link it! :(

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    Hi! I love your plank wall! I’ve been wanting to do this for so long! I just had a quick question… Did you paint the wall behind the wood a darker color to make the cracks stand out at all?

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    Hi Gina- This room was painted a light gray color prior to us turning it into the nursery so we just nailed the wood directly on the gray colored wall. We can’t see any of the old color of the wall in between the wood so I don’t think you would need to paint it dark for that effect. :)

    Hi Emily! Yep, each cut was at 45.

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    Hi there. I was wondering where your dresser came from? I’ve been looking at getting that crib but I didn’t want the dresser to be too different from the crib.

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