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Watercolor Cactus Nursery


Sometimes a piece of decor just speaks to you. I came across the beautiful, watercolor cactus painting at a store closing, and I didn’t even know I was pregnant yet (let alone with a girl). I thought it was crazy to go for it—and so did my husband—but after I left the store, I couldn’t stop thinking about the painting and went back and grabbed the set for a steal price. Two weeks later, I found out I WAS, in fact, pregnant. A few more weeks later, and it was official: we were having our first girl after two boys! It was FATE. The painting and its washed, watercolor look became the inspiration for this nursery. I love interior decorating, especially nurseries, and I’ve learned that you don’t need a theme to play off of; you just need a single piece that speaks to you and let it evolve from there. Let’s just say: I did a lot of Google searches for “watercolor curtains,” “ombré rug,” and “cactus chair.” It’s amazing what you find is out there when you have very specific search terms! From there, it evolved over time into a watercolor cactus theme with llamas sprinkled in and added rose gold accents throughout. Also, get creative! The llama frame was blah and boring, so I spruced it up with rose gold duct tape, which brought it from bland to GLAM! Moral of the story: Pick a piece you love, and let it evolve from there.