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I love all things vintage, antique and old so this was my theme to work with and as a collector of fun, quirky pretty things it didn't take me long to gather the starting points of my daughters room from around my house. Her room is a beautiful place to spend time, its calm, warm and inviting.

Design Inspiration

The existing pieces I had collected over the years became my starting point, I then focused on buying a cot that would suit this theme but still be practical and safe.

Decorating Style

Old beauty blended with practical New

Project Details

The following were bought on good old etsy:

Bird wall plate -

Antique pram print -

Animal watercolours -

Other room items:

Cot -

Rag dolls -

Chair - Ikea -


Favorite Items

Probably her cot as it's not like any other cots I looked at.


In some ways vintage is easy because not everything has to match but you've got to be careful of over crowing and need to edit things out, I have a massive pile of unused items waiting for the next project!

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