Graham’s Wild Rumpus First Birthday

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I have always loved parties based on books, and since Where the Wild Things Are is one of my all-time favorite children's books, I knew it had to be our theme for Graham's first birthday. I've actually had this theme in mind ever since I was pregnant with him and purchased a print for his nursery that includes a line from the book.


Design Inspiration

There were some fabulous parties online that served as my inspiration! I definitely want to give credit where it is due.

Both of these parties are amazing!

This one includes free printables!


Decorating Style

I love anything pink and girly for my princess, and for my baby boy, I'm all about making things modern and fun.

Project Details


I had the cake made locally, but I got the idea here:

I found the Max costume tutorial here:

Idea for cut-outs came from here:

Cookie favor tags:

Wild things t-shirt:

Favorite Items

The cake and the cutouts were my favorites!


Don't try to do everything yourself just because you can! I have learned over the years that even though it can be less expensive to make everything myself (i.e. cookies for favors), sometimes it's worth it to just pay a little extra to save time. Taking on too many DIY projects can turn a party into more stress than fun.


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    I have to say your theme is unique. This is the first time I have seen a Where the Wild Things Are party. And where did you get those little figurines?

  3. 3

    Everything looks great! I love the backdrop and cake stand. Cake looks amazing! Thanks for the link and the favor tag credit, the colors look fantastic with the golden “1” cookies. I also loved the yellow Wild Rumpus Party, it was a wonderful inspiration to me when I created my party.

  4. 4

    Omg I love this! My son is a Graham too…. and I am sorry but I will steal this amazing idea! I am sure you wont mind though lol Thanks!!!

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