Vintage Cowboy and Indian Toddler Room

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  • Vintage Cowboy and Indian Toddler Room
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We wanted to tie in this room for our son with the retro style of our house and give him a fun cowboy and indian themed toddler room that he could grow into.

Design Inspiration

When our son was very little I won a competition on a baby clothes website for wallpaper. We decided although a long way off, we would find something cute for his toddler room. After a lot of searching through their database we found the cool cowboy wallpaper, the rest of the room followed from there.

Decorating Style

Retro and recycled

Project Details

Wallpaper: Won Online

Bed: Domayne City West

Cream Bed Linen: Reused from Spare Bedroom

Cream and Red Throw Blanket: Bed, Bath and Table

Red Side Table: 20 years old and repainted many times

Table Lamp: Previously used in lounge room

Sideboard: Previously used in lounge room

Bunting: Purchased a damaged spine Roy Rogers book on eBay

Turquoise Frames: 20 years old and painted many times, took a polaroid of myself and Husband wearing dress up cowboy and Indian headgear

Cowboy Hooks: Purchased from Etsy and painted red

Indian Headdress and Indian Teepee Toy: Both gifts from my mum and dad (purchased at Funky Kids Karrinyup)

Cowboy Leather Holster: Gift from our family next door neighbour, it was his toy as a child

Cowboy Hat: eBay

Pottery: Gift from my husbands sister on return from a holiday

Wooden Donkey: Op Shop find many years ago

Wooden Box: Antique shop find many years ago

Favorite Items

The wallpaper and bed


Mix colours and recycle where possible


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