Urban Boy’s Room

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I wanted something modern and not something you don't see every day. I found two graffiti artists here in Austin who were willing to do pieces for me. I based everything around their work. One piece is a baby DJ spinning records, so my bedding is hi-fi stereo equipment with teal and black accents. I framed and added some pictures of animals with boom boxes that I found online. Put up some skateboard shelves and boom...Jameson had a room.

Design Inspiration

Urban boy.

Decorating Style

Most of my house is French country with modern accents. It's cozy and it works for us.

Project Details

Bedding: Miss Polly's Piece Goods http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissPollysPieceGoods


Bed: Babies R Us

Armoire, table, and changing table: antiques from a flea market

Ruler growth chart: we made it from an idea I found on pinterest.com

Skateboard shelves: http://www.etsy.com/people/skateboardshelf


Favorite Items

The graffiti art.


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