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Unicorn Princess 4th Birthday Party


My daughter Leilani has the most beautiful imagination. Its so vivid, full of color and detail. She has this pet unicorn, his name is Sparky and they go on all kinds of adventures together. She says he has magical powers that shoot out of his horn and often tells me about all the adventures they go on together. I would give anything to jump into this magical land she has created in her mind. To run in the flower fields with her in her sparkly purple tutu flying with fairies and chasing after rainbows along side her unicorn side kick.  :)

About 6 months before her 4th birthday I asked what kind of birthday party she wanted that year
and was ecstatic when her response was a "Sparky" party. I was in heaven.
Could there be anything more fun for a party planning mama than a magical unicorn party?
I think not! I asked her what she wanted at her sparky party and was amazed when she
started to name off a whole list of items. Her birthday party list included:
- sparky cake pops
- lots of glitter
- a sparky balloon
- mini cupcakes
- lots of purple
- and don't forget the sprinkles

It was now my mission to give her the most magical day she would never forget full of
enchantment and lots of glitter.

Almost every morning she wakes up around 5 am and sneaks into our room and asks if we
can cuddle. These are the most perfect moments any mother could ask for. This is when
we giggle, when we whisper together and tell each other secrets and often when she tells
me about her sparky adventures. One morning she asked me so seriously if I knew that sparky
left behind a trail of sparkling dust wherever he went? I was not aware of this but knew I
would incorporate it into the party somehow. Some of my favorite details came straight from
her imagination. I set up 3 areas for the party.

Flower Fields
Sugarberry Orchards
Crystal Cavern

Flower fields consisted of the main tent which had the face painting & dress up area as
well as the kids table and the food. I had to set up a canopy to provide shade so we
covered the arch in tissue paper flowers to define the entrance into Flower Fields. We had
a total of 8 little girls and they each got their own unicorn princess crown and
coordinating tail with a heart amulet and a small jar of unicorn magic to sprinkle around.
The kids table was full of so many bright & fun colors. I sanded down some wood stumps and
spray painted them gold for the seats. I used a lot of iridescent features throughout the
party which to me represented the colors shown in a unicorn horn. Each place setting
consisted of gold rimmed plates paired with bright reusable cups and rhinestone
embellished silverware. We served her favorite Purple Power juice along side some unicorn
water. The food consisted of turkey wraps, grape salad and a butterfly pasta salad. I used
clear cups found at the dollar store and lined them inside with a flower shaped cupcake
liner as a cute way to display individual servings of the salads.

If you turn right out of flower fields you run into Sugarberry Orchards. You have to walk
along the trail of sparkling dust to get there. For the trail I sanded down as many wood circle cut outs I could get my hands on and for two days my mother and I sat in the backyard glittering and glittering and glittering. The trail lead you up to this amazing table made by my husband entirely out of tree branches and reclaimed
wood. His face when I brought home some tree branches and asked him to build me a table was
priceless! The desserts consisted of a gorgeous two tier purple ombre vanilla sprinkle cake. Unicorn cake pops, mini cupcakes, silhouette cookies, chocolate covered Oreos and glitter covered Strawberries.

To the left of Sugarberry Orchards was Crystal Cavern. A secret little hideout you can go to fill a treasure box with magical treasures. I picked up some unfinished wood boxes from Michael's for $1 a piece. Stained them and lined them with a piece of moss on the inside. I set out a variety of little trinkets that I thought any little girl would love and let them choose what to fill their box with. A perfect little keepsake to remember her magical
birthday with. It was such a magical day!


Tuesday 10th of May 2016

A lot of love and effort went into this, clearly. It is a very pretty party!