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Liesl’s 6th Birthday: Charlotte’s Web Themed Party


Party Description

Liesl is my eldest, animal-adoring daughter.  When the time rolled around to begin working on her party theme for her upcoming 6th birthday, she decided upon the theme herself – her favorite book (and movie), Charlotte’s Web.  She had just one party requirement, “I want pigs and animals at my party!”

Party Inspiration

When Liesl told me she wanted a Charlotte’s Web themed party, I knew there were a lot of things I could do for this theme!  I used the farm/barn/animals in the story for the main inspiration, but also lots of webs and some of Charlotte’s favorite web writings as accents.  This really is such a sweet theme for a birthday party because the story of Charlotte’s Web is really about true friendship!

Decorating Style

I used the ideas of “farm” and “county fair” together when decorating for this party.  In the book, Wilbur goes from Zuckerman’s barnyard to the County Fair, so this plays right into the theme of the book.  To make it more girly, I used pastel colors, and pink gingham tablecloths.  I used bales of hay throughout, but also incorporated things such as rosette ribbons, corn on the cob, and mini pies to go with the County Fair theme..

My Favorite Items

I fell in love with the handmade spider webs that Amy from Bella’s Perfect Party made.  I used them on the food card signage, but also ended up putting them on the barn centerpieces which made them picture perfect for the Charlotte’s Web theme. They were truly SO perfect for the party!!

I was thrilled with how the party favors turned out – they were something the kids could really use and enjoy, rather than just a bunch of junky toys.  The kids liked getting a stuffed big and a hardcover book of Charlotte’s Web to call their very own!

I also adored the Charlotte’s Web Cake Topper and animals made by Liz at Les Pop Sweets – she and I worked together to create this idea for the cake and I couldn’t have been happier!

***All of my vendor credits are listed on the right side panel under "Sources".  Many thanks of all of my amazing vendors!

My Party Advice

This party ending up being one of our largest let – we had about 95 kids and adults in attendance.  One key to a good party at your home is making sure there is enough things to keep the kids (of various ages) entertained.  We hired a petting zoo with farm animals to keep the kids occupied, but also had a “games master” referee to organize games (think tug of war, water balloon toss, sack race) for the other kids who weren’t as "into" the animals.   I also set up a craft table with Charlotte’s Web themed arts and crafts that drew a big crowd as well. It's good to have something for everyone to enjoy!

Also, if planning a Charlotte’s Web themed party of your own, I would suggest shopping the day after Halloween to get a good deal on spiders, webs, and rats!


Maricela lara

Friday 3rd of February 2017

I love the little pigs and blue ribbons! Where did you get them made ?


Monday 23rd of May 2016

The whole party theme and decorations are awesome! Is there away I could purchase a customized backdrop with the animals with party hats on, barn, etc. behind the table?


Friday 6th of May 2016

Such an adorable party! How did you make the backdrop that's on the wall behind the table? Thanks

Yaima Aleman

Wednesday 4th of May 2016

I so look forward to seeing ALL your parties. You're so talented and creative! This is one of my favorite childhood movies.You executed this theme flawlessly!