Twins Neutral Elegance Nursery

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This Neutral and super Elegant Twins Nursery was one of my favorites because clients don't usually request rooms as opulent as this.  The large damask print wallpaper and gold and ivory crib bedding were reminiscent of Old Hollywood and perfectly accented by the crystal accents in the lighting and dresser knobs.


Design Inspiration

My Inspirations were the Wallpaper and iron cribs that the client had her heart set on.  Once I knew that these were a definite, everything else fell into place.


Decorating Style

My decorating style is chic and almost always has some element of sophistication.  I like to start with original, key pieces and work around those.

Project Details

Bratt decor iron cribs and a Little Castle Glider and Ottoman were the favorites from this nursery.  Little Bunny Blue crib bedding and a Newport Cottages Dresser added to the already formal ambiance of this room. I made framed gold Initials for each of the twins, which were later hung above each of the cribs.  I used leftover wallpaper for the background and painted letters gold to match the theme of the room.

Favorite Items

My Favorite items in this room are the cribs...... LOVE them!


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    Yes it does looks like J. Lo’s twins nursery! I think that it is very pretty & elegant.

    The furniture is beautiful and love “bunny blue crib bedding”. The only thing that I would change is the curtains. They look very modern and plain. Some silk panels would look very elegant or some sheers. Everything else is perfect!

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    this is aboslutely stunning. this is for sure what i would love to do whenever i decide to have a second child. so elegant!

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