Twin Space

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I fancy myself a handyman, so I did most of the work myself.  I put down a floating hardwood floor, installed crown molding, gutted and installed shelving in the closet, and painted of course.  The tree and birds on the wall is stenciling.

Design Inspiration

I perused various websites and decided on a color scheme.

Project Details

Baby Blankets: Bella Notte Furniture:  Babyletto Mercer Glider:  Monte Design Stencils: Mobiles:

Favorite Items



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    The stenciled purple tree branches and leaves are so lovely! I think it’s nice that you did it in varying tones. I am quite undecided about the painting or artwork, though. It took me a few seconds to figure out what it is. Maybe I am just slow in that department.

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    This is amazing! Attention to detail has paid off and passion for using your hands to create art shines through. It is classy and modern and also provides a warm setting for babies to feel comforted and loved. Really impressive! You should do this professionally if you don’t already.

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    This is great work. Feng Shui for babies I love it. Does the handyman have any training in this kind of stuff? It looks great. So serene. The girls can transition into this as tweens and teens. Awesome job.

    Sonya Armfield

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    What’s on the ceiling? It looks like clouds, but perhaps it’s just a shadow. I’m trying to figure out how to paint realistic (not cartoon-y) clouds on the ceiling for my twins room.

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