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Our Baby Boy’s Room


Animal themed nursery for a boy.

Design Inspiration

Etsy- many things I did myself were inspired by that website, I looked at decals and crib bedding before pulling the trigger. I painted the monkey/tree mural, though the bedding I purchased on Etsy (birdswithflowers is the name of the shop)... custom made and one of the less expensive sets I could find.

Decorating Style

Mod Vintage Safari? I really like Dwell style crib bedding but I also like ricch colors, so I felt like this is a bit of both (without costing a crazy amount!)

Project Details

The crib bedding is from a shop on Etsy called Birdshaveflowers- this girl makes the cutest baby bedding ever and she threw in a matching security blanket, also it happened to be on sale in her shop so I spent less than I budgeted for even... it just took some time to get (about 8 weeks?). The baby mobile I made with felt cloth, some thick thread, and 2 sticks- materials were all purchased at JoAnn's. Had fun and it took me an evening to do... Huge money saver, sine most of the mobiles I actually liked were really spendy. The pictures hanging near the baby mobile are collages I made- the 1st being some cards from my daughters Charlie Harper Memory game (can find it on Amazon), I just arranged the cards with the monkey one in the middle and glued them on a piece of scrapbook paper and used a vinyl record frame from target to put it in. Took me hardly anytime. The other picture is a sample  of wallpaper I purchased online at Fawn and Forest: - just cut out the animals and glued it on scrap book paper and black construction paper- the small picture next to the rocker is from that same sample of wall paper also. The sample was all but $5. Pictures above changing table- the 2 Dr Suess looking characters I bought from an artist friend of mine years ago- she paints for a living and her work is unbeleiveable- lot's of kid friendly paintings and reasonably priced considering they are oil paintings! Leslie Yazzie is her name and here is her site: Orange Standing Bookshelf I purchased at IKEA $14 and spray painted it orange. The blue light on top of it is also from Ikea (less than $20 but can't remember exact amount). The cloth animal drawers on the shelves are from Target (less than $10 ea).... Sock Monkey on Rocker is from Target too (Schilling is the brand if you can't find it at Target- lots of vintage style toys from them including the jack in the box and silver tin race car on the orange bookshelf). Rocker I found at Amazon for less than $100, it's cute and I can take it from room to room, which is what I wanted.... not nearly as comfortable as a glider but I figure you rock the baby the get up to put the baby in the crib anyhow... I did that with my daughter standing up not having a rocker at the time. (-; The stuffed animals in the crib are from different shops- Owl is SkipHop from BuyBuyBaby, Zebra and Alligator are from Pier 1 Imports, Activity Bear is from a company called ebulobo and you can find it at Amazon cheaper than most other places, though it's around $40 which is kind of a lot, I got it when I first found out I was pregnant on impulse... The framed picture on the bookshelf next to the Ikea lamp is a book jacket from "For Just One Day"- one of my favorite childrens books ever- the illustrations are adorable and so is the story, My daughter loves it and I'm sure my son will too so I decided to frame the cover and display it... the art work is too cute not to! Monkey mural with branch is painted- free handed with some inspiration from a few etsy decals. Basket drawers in the changing table- I used a hot glue gun for the orange zig-zag ribbon and tied the green  bow seccuring it with glue and sewing the button- took me about 20 minutes to do both baskets, then put the piggy bank in the middle (Target).

Favorite Items

The mural and the baby mobile- since both are all me (-; The mural- I took the monkey idea  from a decal I saw on Etsy and painted it (though changed the colors). And the tree branch -I got the idea of starting it from the ceiling rather than the ground from a decal I saw but made the tree my own style.


Look at baby blogs, Project Nursery, and Etsy to get some inspiration. Once you pick a style I would suggest starting with the baby bedding or a couple of decorative pieces and then build around it. A great baby blog I found through my sister in law is and there are lots of people on here who post thier own baby nursery decor blogs...And if you can paint do a mural- decals can peel off and aren't as safe.

Monica Cardona

Tuesday 21st of February 2012

I absolutely love your color, can you please share?!?!


Tuesday 6th of December 2011

I am also interested in the paint color you used if you could let me know.


Tuesday 4th of October 2011

I really like your paint color on the walls. Could you tell me what the brand and color the the paint is. Thanks


Thursday 15th of September 2011

Your room has a crafty feel, and that's what I like about it. That alphabet print looks nice, too.


Thursday 15th of September 2011

Where did you get the alphabet print? If it was on Etsy, what is the shop/owner name? Thanks!