A Traveler’s Stop

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For the longest time I had been mentally designing a baby girl's nursery: vintage style, built around Franklin & Ben's Mason furniture, with pale sage walls, lots of shabby chic wall art, antique mirrors and such. I was a bit demotivated when I had to shift my focus, but with a bit of effort I managed to pull it off.

Design Inspiration

I kept the crib and dresser and again started building around it. Although I wanted to stay away from the standard blue room for a boy, in the end it seemed that a dark blue was the perfect color to complement the white wainscoating already in the room. I added yellow as an accent color. It was easy to choose the travel theme as I was a world traveler until I met my husband and settled down, and this is what I wish for my son -  the opportunity to discover the world.

Project Details

Paint: Behr, blue - Royal Breeze, yellow - Summer Harvest

Window blinds: Levolor, in snow white, custom-sized

Wall decal: Purchased on Etsy from Shannon and Beth

Crib and dresser: Mason Nursery Collection by Jennifer Delonge for Franklin & Ben

Glider and ottoman: Braxton Glider and Swivel Chair, pewter soft suede with navy blue piping, from Frank’s Furniture in Lawndale

Rug: Citrine Striped Madison Square Rug, 5’ x 7’6”, from Rosenberry Rooms

Vintage-looking boxes/suitcases: Purchased from an antique store in Ojai, CA. However I have later found them at The World Market for much cheaper.

Wall art: Animals, cartoon characters, purchase in Ojai from Kristy van Trease

Favorite Items

I don't necessarily have a favorite item, but there is one combination I enjoy looking at: the wall decal and the mobile hanging over the crib.


For more information and further details about this nursery, read my post about it.


  1. 1

    Yours is the first crib I saw with wraps or padding on the slats. Did you make those yourself?

  2. 2

    I purchased them on Amazon. I believe they are called Wonder Bumpers (have the link on the blog post). They work relatively well, protect Evan from hitting his head, but his legs would still fit through and could get stuck (did not happen though, maybe because it is slightly harder to get them through the bars). I prefer these to the standard crib bumpers, especially if you have an active LO; at one point, sooner or later they will start pulling onto the standard bumpers and also step on them to reach higher.

  3. 3

    Well those standard bumpers are also safety hazards because they can suffocate babies. I like these bumpers that you wrap individually on the slats because they allow some breathing space. And in your case, no need to worry about the feet and legs getting stuck. By the time the baby is big enough to move a lot in the crib, his legs will also be big enough not to fit through the gaps.

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