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Simply Sweet DIY


A simple but sweet DIY baby girl's nursery.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration for the project was a pillow I found at TJMAXX one day while I was out browsing. We had just found out we were pregnant and having a girl and the pillow looked so sweet but like something that could grow with a little girl. It is the purple and pink flower pillow pictured. The colors were the inspiration for the whole room. I knew I didn't want a completely pink or purple room and the browns were the perfect neutral base to start with.

Decorating Style

The style became a mod-podge of vintage mixed with modern. I used a little old, a little, new, and it came together!

Project Details

When we first started looking at furniture for the baby room we seriously almost died at the prices, as I am sure  most with children can probably agree. So I decided to put one of my new found skills to work, thrifting! I am one of those people with champagne taste on a beer budget. I picked up my nack for  thrifting the minute I priced out what it would cost to decorate the first place I had when I left my parents nest!

We originally had plans to use the baby furniture set my parents had used with the me & the siblings, but a part was missing and that just wouldn’t do.

We got our crib at the JcPenny Outlet in our area for just $140. Once the crib was purchased, I needed to figure out clothes storage & a changing table. Even though we got all the pieces separately, I still wanted them to look somewhat like a complete set. Both our changing table & dresser were FREE finds from family, but both went through major renovations to match up with our amazing crib! The dresser was a quick update with a little paint and then I stained the top to match the color of the crib. I also changed out the hardware from the original old brass knobs. The changing table was an easy update with a can of white spray paint. Those minor reno’s only cost about $50 in materials & I found awesome baskets at athome for the changing table to match the crib’s wood tone for just $40.

The glider was another DIY transformation. I was extremely picky when I was looking for gliders & I wanted to stay within a reasonable budget. So of course, since my expensive taste kept meeting an expensive price tag, I had to do it myself. The chair itself was originally a 1980's style wooden glider I found at a local thrift shop for $15 & the whole chair renovation cost less than $100 total. I used some tips from a few pinterest posts like this one & then just made adjustments to get the look I was going for.

Her precious hospital picture outfit was made by myself (inspired by etsy) & embroidered by the wonderful ladies at The Prickly Pear.

The light fixture was her daddy’s perfect little touch! I wanted a chandelier, her dad being logical & financially reasonable, wanted a fan or recessed lights (he’s also an electrician, so lighting to him is about function & not looks!) I was pretty dead set against a fan so I did my duty once again! Everything I found that I liked chandelier-wise was way out of our budget, until I stumbled across this bargain! I found this at marshall’s. It was supposed to hang with a candle in it but, excuse the pun, a light bulb just clicked when I saw it! I am obsessed with the gorgeous shadows it creates when it glows! Thank you daddy B for making my lighting dreams come true

The  doll house bookshelf was my dollhouse as a child, just gave it a new coat of paint and added books! The elephant coat rack was in my husbands room as a child & we just updated paint on that too :) If you cant tell spray paint is a thrifters bff!!

A lot of the little decor items were random finds at different stores or pieces out of my own nursery as a kid.

Overall we spent around $600 on her nursery. The bedding bumper & skirt is pottery barn & was my splurge and put me over the $500 mark! I added a pink polka dot sheet from Babies R Us & added a white quilt & pillow I picked up at TJMAXX.

I'm sooo pleased with how her nursery turned out. I can not wait until she graces us with her presence & I can to bring her home to her own little nest!

Favorite Items

My favorite item in the whole room is probably the mobile I made. I found the idea on pinterest & could have ordered it from Etsy here but decided to try my hand at it first. I made my own birds out of felt so it wouldn't be as heavy, I found branches in the backyard I stained the same color as the crib & I ordered the leaves from here and just attached them with hot glue. - did it all for about $12 :)



My advice for anyone trying to achieve any kind of look would be to try it yourself first! If you can do it, great. If you end up having to go buy the one you saw at the store in the first place... at least you tried!

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  1. avatar Beth says:

    She links to CraftCuts as one source of the letters.

  2. avatar Michelle says:

    All the questions I would love answered about the name on the wall with the pink script on top I would love to pay you to make it for me if not being able to get the information

  3. avatar Natasha says:

    Can I ask how much you were altogether for the lettering and delivery please i would love this for my son :)

  4. avatar erin says:

    What color did you use?

  5. avatar Chelsea says:

    just curious on the measurements for the connected name letters from craft cuts

  6. avatar Carissa says:

    Looks like the font is Almibar. What thickness did you choose and did you just glue the script to the larger letters after you mounted and painted those?

  7. avatar Shashonda says:

    Can you please explain the process of painting and hanging the letters?

  8. avatar Michelle says:

    Could you please tell me the font you used for the pink cursive letters? Thanks!

  9. avatar Jennifer Neal says:

    Name tutorial??????

  10. avatar Jess says:

    For the cursive letters, do you remember what font you used?

  11. avatar Mary Walkup says:

    What color paint did you use? I am looking for that exact shade.

  12. avatar Laura Golden says:

    Love the letters. Can you tell me if the large letters are cardboard or wood? Also, do you remember what size of the craft cut letters you used 3 or 4 inch? And how thick?

  13. avatar Heather says:

    How did you hand paper mache’ letters on wall??

  14. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    They are traditional 12 inch and I believe the small letters are between 3 & 4

  15. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    I painted it :/

  16. avatar vinnyv11 says:

    Do you know what size letters they were. They look larger than the traditional 12″ but that’s all I can find. Also what size did you get the cursive.

  17. avatar Crissy says:

    Wanted to know if you remember where you got the painting with the birds and elephants? Love it!

  18. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    letters are from hobby lobby and craft cuts

  19. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    Hobby lobby cardboard letters liquid nailed to the wall then caulked and painted same as wall color. I ordered the cursive name from craft cutz

  20. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    I dont remember the exact color… I am sorry!

  21. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    hobby lobby and craft cutz

  22. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    You can get them pretty much anywhere now. It is a musical/soothing sounds lamb. I think babies r us has them

  23. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    letters are from hobby lobby and craft cuts

  24. avatar Morgan Berry Gould says:

    that was a redo from my husbands nursery as a kid. His grandfather made them

  25. avatar Kayla says:

    Gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. avatar Season says:

    Yes I too would love to know how you did her name or where u bought the letters. So pretty!

  27. avatar Jen says:

    Do you by chance know what paint color this is?

  28. avatar Kathy says:

    yes where did you get the letters for her name?
    Love it all great job :)

  29. avatar Erin Kent says:

    It’s a long shot but I’d love to know if you remember where you purchased the sweet, little stuffed lamb sitting in the glider. Our little girl’s nursery is “under construction” and, although it isn’t “themed,” we do have little hints of lamb inspiration about. I’ve been looking for a vintage stuffed lamb to accent her glider. :)

  30. avatar Holly says:

    Lovely room. And your light fixture casts a beautiful shadow on the ceiling and wall.

  31. avatar Amber says:

    HI!!! love your room… where did you find the elephant coat rack?

  32. avatar Tierra Smith says:

    I’m with Rachel! I love the letters in the room…where did you get them from?

  33. avatar Rachael Bloomer says:

    Love this room – where did you get the letters for her name?