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Transitioned Big Boy Bedroom


I knew it was time to makeover my son's nursery after removing the changing pad and baby toiletries from the changing area. My son has also developed quite the interest in cars, it's beyond toy cars. He loves flipping through car mags with dad and can name almost any model that drives by us on the road or he's sees parked on the street. I really wanted to bring in "some" of his love of four wheel vehicles into his personal space. Especially since we don't do toys in the bedroom.

We took our time and didn't race through the process and both mom and kiddo are champions of this new space. For  five simple makeover tips for a smooth transition from the nursery into that more mature space check out our blog post 5 Tips Transition From Nursery to Big Kid Bedroom.

To see the before images of the original nursery click here.