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Halloween Costume Hayride Party


This Halloween Costume Hayride Party has it all from the décor, the costumes, and the spooky fun treats!

The Halloween party kicked off at The Hunter Farm with picking pumpkins and taking a costume hayride! The kids loved being silly and picking out their favorite pumpkin to decorate. We even found a cute baby elephant in the pumpkin patch!

After running around the pumpkin patch the kids were ready for some fresh apple cider and spooky treats which included witches broom sticks (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and pretzel sticks) hat cookies, monster candy apples, cotton candy cobwebs, graveyard cake with gummy worms, skeleton bones (yogurt covered pretzels) and terrifying tortilla chips in shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, and bats.

The best part was watching the kids fill up their plates and be surprised by the animated witch kicking legs in the caldron!

Everyone filled up a treat bag with personalized stickers from the hosts, Sofia and Charlotte, with candy and a Halloween Peez dispenser.

DIY’s included: Backdrop, Monster Candy Apples, Witches broom sticks, witch hat cookies, and spooky eye balls