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Tinker Bell Baby Shower


“If you close your eyes, you may see a pool of lovely pale colors. If you squeeze them tighter, the pool will take on different shapes, and the colors will become brighter - so bright, that in a moment they'll go on fire. And in that moment, just before they do, you will see Never Land.” Narrator in Peter Pan (quote found here).



Jodie, my friend and a mom to be, invited me to her Tinker Bell baby shower. Jodie asked me to capture the baby shower so she can have photographs for Sophie’s scrapbook.


"Everyone being there was so special," Jodie said. I can't wait to meet Jodie's baby, Sophie!

Design Inspiration

The character Tinker Bell from the movie Peter Pan inspired the shower theme.


Decorating Style

Jodie chose a cheerful palette of pink, purple, yellow, pale green and orange for the party decorations. She used fresh flowers and a beautiful, sun speckled backyard as inspiration.

Project Details

The flowers were from Cozy Creations and Wal-Mart

The cake was from Market Place Foods

Beauty Seen Photography took the photographs.

Favorite Items


I loved the party decorations! Inspired by a tutorial she found through Pinterest, Jodie made vases out of recycled light bulbs with the help of her husband Brian. She put fresh flowers in them and hung them in the apple trees above the present table. She said they didn’t take to much time and were easy to make. They were her favorite decorations at the party. Vases of flowers were set at each table and the tables were sprinkled with confetti.

Florence Amber

Tuesday 19th of June 2012

Love the colorful blooms you placed into vases and made as centerpiece on the tables.