Subtle Safari Nursery for Baby Aiden

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  • Geometric Stencil Accent Wall in this Gender Neutral Safari Nursery
  • Safari Mobile
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  • Wood Shelves Hanging from Rope
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  • Wood Tiled 6-Drawer Dresser in this Gender Neutral Safari Nursery
  • DIY Clouds and Stone Wall in this Cozy Nursery Nook
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  • Book Ledges with Hanging Baskets
  • Subtle Yellow and Gray Safari Nursery
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We started to decorate the nursery before we knew the sex of the baby, so we knew we needed to do something gender-neutral. We decided on yellow and gray paint colors. I wanted texture in the room, so we built a stone wall and I painted a stencil on one wall. We found little stuffed animals that we couldn't live without, and they helped us decide to do a safari theme. I'm not a professional designer and haven't really had a good reason fully decorate a room before, so I had a ton of fun with Aiden's nursery! Most nursery photos taken by Shades of Gray Photography.

Design Inspiration

Project Nursery played a huge part in my inspiration for this safari nursery. I found most of the items for my nursery off a previous project, and either bought the item or found a way to DIY.

Project Details

Clouds: DIY, inspired by Etsy

Elephant Lamp: DIY, Inspired by Jonathan Adler

Favorite Items

Between the Custom Painting or the dresser.


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