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A Twin Nursery for the Adventerous Literary


Roan and Bennett's twin nursery was designed to feel playful and inspiring, with vintage finds and family keepsakes. The room is meant to foster a love of reading, creativity, and the inquisitive nature of little explorers--we wanted it to be a beautiful space that reflects the dreams we have for our sons. Favorite features include a custom-tinted chalk-board wall, outward-facing spice rack shelves stuffed full of favorite children's books--some belonged to Momma and Daddy, and even grandparents--and an inspiring gallery wall.

Design Inspiration

The boys' nursery was inspired by the values we hope to instill in our children; we want them to be inquisitive, adventurous little people with a love of reading and learning and creating, as well as an appreciation for nostalgia. We knew we wanted a color palette that was gender neutral, as we hadn’t originally intended to learn the gender of our twins in advance; that being said, we were drawn to the colors of maps, and we were inspired to incorporate a variety of maps and vintage travel mementos to encourage a bit of "Wander Lust" and build upon those traditional map colors with blues and greens. We were also inspired by some vintage finds of Momma and Daddy's childhood, and even some goodies from the boys' grandparents--including the copies of Dr. Suess's The Lorax and A.A. Milne's Whinnie the Pooh that their grandma read to their momma when she was a little girl, the Hot Wheels that belonged to their daddy when he was a boy, the copper baby booties of their grandpa, and the silver cups of their momma, daddy, and grandpa.

Decorating Style

Our decorating style is a mix of "Vintage Chic" and "Contemporary Eclectic". We love hand-made projects, refurbished furniture, and unique accents.

Project Details

Momma-made projects include the refurbished dresser (a flea market find) and night stand, custom painted canvases, embroidery hoops with fabric, handmade mirrored Tolkien quote artwork, painted spice-rack book shelves, paper airplane mobiles, teddy bear bow ties, and throw pillows to match the custom crib bedding. Favorite custom-made products include art prints from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy and custom crib bedding from My Freckles Shop on Etsy.

Favorite Items

Our favorite items have to be the paper airplane mobiles and the mirrored Tolkien quote on the gallery wall. Can we count the gallery wall as a whole?!


Our advice would be to build a design with a flexible end result in mind--as you work on your projects and score some unexpected vintage finds, your room will take shape. Build your color palette, and let one or two main items shape the theme or feel of the room--for us, it was the idea of using maps and knowing we wanted a large, gray chalkboard wall. Save money by creating DIY art projects, refurbishing finds from flea markets or thrift stores, as we did with our vintage dresser. Add special touches like old toys and books that might serve as a nod to some special childhood memories of your own. Be inspired by the other creative souls out there designing beautiful rooms and crafting unique projects--use the Internet to your advantage! Explore Project Nursery galleries and, of course, designate a board on Pinterest for nursery inspiration!