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Sports + Travel Boy’s Room


When deciding on how to convert our son's room from nursery to big boy room, it was really simple: I wanted to pick things that he loved and would make him want to be in his room.  Originally it was going to be a railroad themed room, but changed to travel when he started showing interest in going on road trips.  I put a railroad sign above his bed, and lots of road signs, license plates, and even a large map on the walls. He also developed a passion for anything sports (if you asked him to pick between watching a cartoon and a football game, he would pick football everytime!), so that expanded the theme to sports + travel.  One of my favorite quotes is 'Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.' from the football television show 'Friday Night Lights.'  So naturally, I incorporated that into his room. We also put little sports figurines and my husband's baseball glove.  My husband built the barn door to replace the standard closet door. This is one of our son's favorite things because he thinks it looks like a railroad crossing.  My favorite piece in this room is the locker that I found at our local antique store.  I simply spray painted it black and painted numbers on it.  I also found all of the license plates at the antique store.  My biggest suggestion is to incorporate old pieces and new pieces. Don't be afraid to mix.  Several things in this room are hand-me-downs.  For example, the white desk was mine as a child, and the chair and toolbox were my grandfather's.