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Boho Chic Kids Playroom


A couple months back I was asked to speak at an event in collaboration with Microsoft and BizNest, a co-working space in Miami that specifically caters to working parents that want to bring their kiddos into an office where they are taken care of, can learn and be creative AND the parents can also work and thrive and know their kiddo is in great hands.  After I committed, my now dear friend casually says..."Oh and Ann, they have this small daycare that needs some love.  I would love for you to design it."  I was incredibly honored to get asked to do this.  I had 4 weeks to create the vision, moodboards, find a partner (for this project Overstock was the sponsor) source the products, order the products, clean out the existing space, install and have it ready for the event.  It was nothing short of a miracle that all of that happened!

My vision for the space was:  bright, boho-chic, pops of color, playful and functional.  I didn't want the space to be TOO childish, especially given the age range was very broad - from infants to teenagers.  I wanted the space to have ample seating, to feel warm and to create an environment where the kids could thrive.

See for yourself and check out the full list of sources below.  My biggest tip for all of you out there when designing a kids space - use adult furniture and adult products!  As you can see from the pictures and the sources below, 95% of what I curated for the space were items adults could use in their homes/apartments.  It's a matter of context and creativity!

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