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Southern Inspired Nursery


For this nursery, we already had pieces of vintage furniture that were the jumping off point for the concept. I wanted to design a nursery that had some "southern charm" (sweet and soft), but I wanted to make sure it was done in a fresh way.

This room is HUGE, so it has to serve as two spaces; both nursery and guest room. I used a rug and furniture groupings to create different “sections” in the room.  The furniture was re-used from 3 different spaces, so it was key to try and keep the lines similar so that everything has the same language.

We needed to keep the walls gender neutral in case the kids share a room in a couple years, so I added the girly touches through textiles, furniture, and accessories. I used a color-blocking paint technique to minimize the diagonal ceilings which made the room feel taller. The use of floral fabric was something I knew I needed to incorporate from the initial concept board. I picked a colorful, fun floral fabric to keep it youthful. I also didn't want it to overwhelm the room, so I used it for the roman shades, and used a simple white fabric curtain.

The dormer was an area of un-defined space, and in such a big room, it felt like an add-on. I separated it with a textured, sheer curtain, tied back with strings of pearls, to create a small play area. In the play area is a hook for her favorite dress, a mirror at her height, and a shelf with a costume hat.

We replaced the fan with a wooden bead chandelier that adds softness to the room. The area with the crib was kept pretty simple. A large vintage branch, given to me by my great-grandmother, creates a focal point above the crib.

The guest bed was kept simple with neutral bedding that adds a ruffle texture; so southern. I used the purple dresser as a nightstand to simplify the furniture layout. A vintage lamp and some girly accessories top the dresser. I used a blush colored, Turkish rug to create the "guest zone" in this area.

The rocker area has a nightstand and shelving for toys/books. I painted the "Tupelo Honey" painting because it is the song I danced to at my wedding, with my dad, and what I sometimes call my daughter.