It’s a Small World Nursery

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  • Its a Small World Castle Hand Traced and Painted
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My husband and I love traveling and wanted Sapphire to know other cultures and places in the world from a young age. On the purple and gold wall we have frames with baby sayings/poems from friends in the native language and translated in English from India, France, Kenya, Japan and Jamaica.

Design Inspiration

I ran with the It's a Small World nursery theme and wanted it to  be as feminine as possible.

Decorating Style

Unique, educational and modern.

Project Details

The It's a Small World castle above the crib was done with a projector,making it easy to trace and paint. All furniture items I was able to get off Craigslist and I repainted white. Fun and cost effective.

Favorite Items

I love how how the wall paintings turned out, as well as the Tea Time corner.

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    This is so beautiful! It was made with so much love and attention to detail. I really like the international quotes and blessings. What a beautiful relaxing place to spend a bunch of time at the beginning of her life! Your daughter is a lucky girl to have such passionate parents!

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