Travel Themed Gender Neutral Nursery

  • World Map Nursery Wall1/13
  • Oh, the Place You'll Go Custom Banner2/13
  • Custom Wall Mounted Changing Station3/13
  • Sunset Clouds on Ceiling4/13
  • Custom Travel Themed Art5/13
  • Travel Themed Nursery Bedding Set6/13
  • International Coin Frames7/13
  • Map Covered Initial8/13
  • Globe Nightlight9/13
  • Travel Themed Artwork10/13
  • 11/13
  • Burlap Baby Banner12/13
  • Luggage Style Floor Pillows13/13


Nursery designed in a travel theme. Includes world map mural, wall mounted changing station, custom wall graphics, hot air balloons, maps, and globes. The room is done in soft pastels, with ivory and green as the base colors.

Design Inspiration

We went with a travel themed nursery for two reasons: we love to travel and also we chose not to find out the gender of our baby and needed a neutral theme. We decided to go with a multicolored pastel room. Maps and globes are typically done in multicolored pastels, so we thought this would make a great theme for our baby's room!

Project Details

Custom Wall Mounted Changing Station/Future Desk:  New Heights Custom Woodwork, LLC

Nursery  Art: Loxly Hollow - Etsy

Favorite Items

The custom changing station is my favorite piece because it can be used as a desk in the future.


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    The material was from Joann’s. It was sewn by my mother and sister. They used various free online patterns.

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