Sleeping Beauty Party by Fanciful Events

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I did Sleeping Beauty party and focused the theme on when Princess Aurora was known as "Briar Rose" and lived in the woods with the 3 Fairy Godmother's and they made her a cake and her famous dress and fought over the color of it, and the well known phrase: "Make it pink, Make it Blue"



Design Inspiration

Wanted to mix rustic elements with royal elegance

Decorating Style

Traditional with a touch of vintage and rustic accessories and decor

Project Details


Ideas, Concept, and Styling: Fanciful Events 
Backdrops: Let’s Get This Party Started
Fondant work: Edible Details
Sleeping Beauty fondant Dress Topper: Sugar High, Inc 
Invitation Design: Paper & Pigtails
Signage: Loralee Lewis
Cake Pops and Cookies: Bee’s Knees Creative
Fairy themed signs and stickers: Paper Candee
Macaroons: Crazy About Macaroons
Ruffled Rose Garland: Craft That Party 
Chocolate covered oreos: Love & Sugar Kisses
Marshamallows: Let’s Get This Party Started
Table Runners: Sweet Tea and Linen
Tutoos: Lovabows
Crown and cupcake crown wrappers: Mandalynns Marvels
Cupcake Stands: Pink Rose Cottage

Favorite Items

capturing the magic of this theme and bringing this story to life!


You can take a theme like this and not spend a fortune. Just mix different elements like I did to achieve the royal elegant feeling with some woodsy-like accessories.

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    Lovely party! This is the first time I have seen a Sleeping Beauty party theme! I always see Little Mermaid, but I think Aurora is a lot more princess-y.

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