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Fanciful Events

Mom to two beautiful girls who loves to design create and bring a theme to life! I love planning parties and making the experience magical and an event to remember!

Genie: Make a WISH Birthday Party Theme

For my oldest daughter’s Genie: Make a Wish Birthday Party, we decided to do a fun “Your wish is my Command” spin and make it all about magical wishes and wishes coming true.
After we decided on this theme, I knew I needed to have Loralee Lewis to design and create the paper collection because I knew she could bring my vision to life and help me build and create this theme! Loralee created the most beautiful collection for this theme! We wanted the genie lamp to be the main focus throughout this theme and we also used our favorite Moroccan elements to bring this theme together.

Magical Woodland Butterfly Party!

This is my younger daughter’s 3rd birthday party that we recently did for her. We went with a soft and sweet little butterfly party. I contacted Loralee Lewis and she created the most stunning butterfly printed goods to use for her party! We went with lavender, pinks and gold to make this theme really magical and sweet.
I wanted this theme to have a little bit of a rustic touch along with the fun whimsical elements that you see throughout the theme.
I worked with wonderful vendors to pull this theme and design together and I loved how it turned out! It was a magical day and by an amazing coincidence, there were butterflies all around on our party day!