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Sibling Shared Bedroom in NYC


We had a pretty significant set of challenges. We live in Manhattan and have a boy and a girl ages 10 and three. So space is super-premium and we have a massive age spread. We were going to split the room into two smaller spaces, but the kids wildly protested and we were left with the task of figuring out how to give a boy and a girl seven years apart a place to sleep, work and play that would be suitable for both of them.

Design Inspiration

The sheer need to make a relatively small space work for two kids. And, selfishly, make it something we didn't mind walking into every morning.

Decorating Style

We love old stuff and value the functionality of contemporary design.  So, cozy modern meets tree house rustic.

Project Details

All of the older furniture has been found over the years. The beds are Oeuf's Perch bunk beds. The desk and lamp are from CB2. The canvas toy bins are from Steele Canvas Company.  And the aluminum bookshelves are from Walmart...20 bucks each delivered!  They are kind of flimsy, so we had to bolt them to the wall.


Don't be afraid to buy things that are different styles from different eras. Avoid being matchy-matchy and you will have a much more interesting space to enjoy.

Sally Torchinsky

Saturday 1st of September 2012

Cute room! It does look like a tight squeeze. Thank goodness for those high ceilings in NY apartments.