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Scratch Off Cards Gender Reveal


We had a unique way to announce our pregnancy to our parents so we wanted to do something equally as unique to let them know the gender of the baby.

We ended up creating scratch-off cards to reveal the gender. We wanted to do something different than what we have seen other couple's do but keep it really casual. We asked our parents to sit around the table, gave them a coin and waited for their response.

Design Inspiration

I wanted the cards to be all pink and blue so they didn't know what the gender was. Also, we knew that we would be doing stripes in the nursery so I wanted to put stripes on the cards.

Decorating Style

Traditional and preppy.

Project Details

The DIY instructions are here. It was very easy to do!

Favorite Items

That it was different. Our parents loved it!


Get your family involved in the reveal rather then just telling them what the gender is!

Ross Neytiri

Tuesday 8th of January 2013

Nice idea. I visited your blog too and read about your pregnancy announcement. That was so sweet!

ellen clare

Wednesday 9th of January 2013

Thank you very much!