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I'm a new mom to our little boy, Watson. He has a furry big brother named Stanley. I work full-time in marketing and advertising and run a lifestyle blog called White Table Style.

Scratch Off Cards Gender Reveal

We had a unique way to announce our pregnancy to our parents so we wanted to do something equally as unique to let them know the gender of the baby.
We ended up creating scratch-off cards to reveal the gender. We wanted to do something different than what we have seen other couple’s do but keep it really casual. We asked our parents to sit around the table, gave them a coin and waited for their response.

Watson’s Primary Color Preppy Boy Nursery

We purchased our home almost four years ago and have been slowly renovating each room. We saved the third bedroom for last always knowing it would be the future nursery. Before we began, we had to remove the layers of wallpaper on both the walls and the ceiling! We wanted everything in the nursery to be able to be used once he is a toddler which included all furniture and the design.