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Rustic Modern Nursery/Guest Room


This rustic modern nursery was designed from scratch on a small budget between $1,000 and $1,500. The goal was to provide a space that could be used as a guest room as well as a nursery, so the decor needed to be "adult" enough for any visitors, but with a nod to nursery.

The design aesthetic of rustic modern came from the blending of all the elements in the clients' home so that the room fit seamlessly with the rest of their house. The final product uses primarily neutrals - grey, cream, beige (or gold, really) - but has just a touch of peach hinted throughout.

Design Inspiration

The curtains were the starting point for the entire room design. I wanted the room to have simple, clean lines, but to also have a dramatic effect.

Decorating Style

As an interior designer, I love to do any type of style, but my favorite is eclectic mixed with cozy or rustic elements.

Project Details

The wooden wall is the stand-out feature in the room. It was a complete DIY project that took 9 hours and $250. The wood is yellow pine with grey weathering throughout. Because I wanted this wall to be the feature, the rest of the room had more clean, simple lines, like the crib, bedding, and rocker. The crib can be found on amazon (for only $99), the curtains and dog prints are custom made, terrariums are from World Market, metal letter "B" is from Hobby Lobby, and the rocking chair is from Babies R Us.


Wood walls look daunting but they really are quite simple. Just need time, patience, a level, table saw (or miter saw) and a lot of nails. They create dramatic looks for very little money.