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Gender Neutral Eclectic Nursery


My husband and I waited five year before finally successfully conceiving. With a little help from science and lots of patience we were expecting our first child. It was so surreal at the time to be decorating a nursery. I felt the room had to be very personal and somewhat reflect our life style that would soon be welcoming this tiny human into our family.

Design Inspiration

The squirrel drawing above the mirror was a gift to my mother from my father when they were dating. As a kid it hung in our families finished basement and always loved it. it is a symbol of such happy childhood memories. I wanted to capture the soothing organic feeling of the drawing and it's frame work in the room.

Decorating Style

Budget friendly and personal

Project Details

All the furniture is second hand. We used items we already had in our home. For example, the owl lamp, green chair and cabinet  we already owned. We also collected items while I was pregnant posters from music festivals and baby items on our travels. The Caribou pillow from Velvet Moustache we found in montreal in the sweetest kids shop.  And the Pendleton wool baby blanket we scored, at an amazing price, in an outlet store in Maine. And most of the wall art, besides non-concert posters, are from Etsy.

Favorite Items

Besides the squirrel drawing. The heyward wakefield dresser is my favorite think in the nursery.


Accept hand me downs from friends and family. I really wanted a new crib that I had my eye on, but when a friend offered us their old crib we excepted. It worked out nicely and allowed us to use the money on a great heyward wakefield set that we found in a local second hand shop. One of the dressers worked perfectly in the room.