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Rosalie’s Nursery


Rosalie’s nursery was designed around the wallpaper of trees! Growing up in Seattle and hiking every weekend I wanted to incorporate that in my baby girls nursery. We added touches of pink and natural elements like wood frame mirrors and woven baskets.

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  1. avatar Nishu says:

    Him can you please give me more information on the curtains.

  2. avatar Vanessa says:

    The rug is from west elm!

  3. avatar Ashley says:

    Hi Vanessa, can you please share the brand/where you got that rug? Love it!

  4. avatar Vanessa says:

    Hi! The wallpaper is from Rebel Walls!

  5. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Isabelle, It looks like this wallpaper to me.

  6. avatar Isabelle says:

    I really love the florest wall… what is this? Is it a wallpaper or a kind of painting? Thanks!!