River’s Buggy Bash

  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Table Spread1/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Green Cake2/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Apothecary Jars3/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Cupcakes4/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Cups5/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash6/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Table7/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash8/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash9/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash10/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Blue Pail11/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash12/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Water Bottles13/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash14/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Balloons15/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash16/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash17/18
  • Blue and Green Buggy Bash Birthday Boy18/18


I was planning a 1st birthday party at our house for around 50 people.  I wanted there to be a colorful table that was the focus of the party that would have all the desserts, candy, cake and cupcakes.  I spent a lot of late nights that last week making all the homemade touches which really brought the party to life.

Design Inspiration

I started out by thinking I wanted a wiggle worm party but wasn't having much luck finding many ideas other than the Hungry Caterpillar so I switched it and decided to do a bug theme party.  I really picked up most of my ideas when I came across a party on Karapartyideas.com.  There was a fun and colorful party that was an Aloha theme that I recreated using a similar color palette.

Decorating Style

Modern yet livable.  Fun & Colorful

Project Details

To keep it simple I got 90% of my party decorations and supplies from Michael, Hobby Lobby or Party City.

White Serving Dishes & Pitcher: Target

Printables: Etsy


Favorite Items

If I had to pick just one item...I absolutely LOVE the way the cake my mom made turned out.  She came up to my house a day early with just the plane cake and cupcakes because I wasn't sure how I wanted them decorated.  We decided together to do the lime green frosting to be kinda like the grass and crushed Oreos for dirt and then we put two ants coming out of the dirt.  I also love how the paper banner turned out on top!!  There isn't a picture of it but I had frozen some plastic bugs in ice and put them in my pitcher with blue kool aid and called it bettlejuice. So FUN!!


I would make sure to keep all your colors in your party to the same color scheme and just repeat it in your decorations, candy, ribbon, printables and party favors.


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    So colorful. I definitely love that bunch of yellow flowers with bugs crawling on it. Nice presentation.

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