Reach For The Sky: A 2nd Birthday Party

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Design Inspiration

The one thing my favorite 2 year old deputy loves more than anything is Toy Story. There's just something magical for children (of all ages) to see toys come to life!

Decorating Style

Classic with a twist.

Project Details

Invitation:: Sugar Tree Press
Birthday Shirt:: Old Glory
Cupcakes:White's Pastry Shop
Cupcake Toppers:: Cake Face Toppers
Favors:: Target (dollar aisle) &
Vintage inspired plastic popcorn boxes stuffed with microwave popcorn
covered in custom wraps from Sugar Tree Press; plus Toy Story themed Little Golden Books
Venue & Catering:: Our Home & Family Potluck
Busy Bee Jumpers
Toy Story 3 {natch} after the sun went down

iTunes Playlist: Birthday (The Beatles), Rocket Man (Elton John), Birthday (Kings of Leon), I Shot The Sheriff (Eric Clapton), Barbie Girl (Aquarium), You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett), Le Freak (Chic), Marvelous Day (SteveSongs), Happy Birthday (The Ting Tings)

Favorite Items

The invites almost always set the tone and in this case, Although it's obviously a Toy Story-themed birthday, I love how they turned out because they don't scream Buzz or Woody. In fact, some older family members thought we were hosting a cowboys & aliens party!


Toy Story is a great jumping off point for a party theme, but honestly you can't go wrong with toys in general. I saved so much money using toys my boys actually play with on a regular basis for decorations that I had enough left over in my budget to afford the bouncy house.


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    My kid loves Toy Story! Now I’m thinking of throwing him a Toy Story party for his birthday. I hope his interests doesn’t shift to something else by then.

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