Baby Victor’s Nursery

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Oh what fun! I am so glad to be here today sharing photos from my latest project, baby Victor’s nursery. The space feels so airy, but cozy. There is a beautiful texture wall made from wood and white 3D wall tiles. A little bit of green, some gray and a touch of red brings life to the space. The room is a continuation of the design style of my home. But here it has a whimsical feel. With lion and horse figures, animal art prints, and a fox decal, this nursery is a woodland heaven.

Design Inspiration

The whole concept for the room was a space that could be easily transformed from a nursery, to a toddler room, and so on. So I focused on creating a space that could be multifunctional. I wanted to be able to replace the crib for a bed without having to completely re-do the room. My idea was to create a focal wall as a backdrop for the crib. For that wall, I used 3d wall tiles in white, that bring movement and a lot of interest to the nursery. Once it is time to replace the crib with his bed, this focal wall, will serve as a beautiful headboard. On the opposite side of the crib, storage space is made with two larger drawers, which are perfect for large toys, blankets, and the very essential diapers. The changing table will also work as a desk for when baby Victor is older. The unique changing table/desk uses the same wood that was applied on the wall. The use of the same material always helps when you want to create a cohesive look in a space. I chose to create a gallery wall with framed artwork featuring the animal art prints by Sharon Montrose. The use of framed art is a good idea for a room that might require some change in the near future because you can easily change the artwork as your child’ interests evolve, while still keeping the look of the room similar. Although, if Victor ever gets tired of these darling prints, I will hang them in my own room.

Decorating Style

As far as the colors and décor items for the room, I opted for neutral colors and pieces that would work for both boys and girls since I didn’t find out the baby’s sex. Keeping a room gender neutral is not an easy task, but a very fun one. And I really enjoyed staying away from the usual pink and blue colors this time around.

Project Details

Baby Victor’s room is truly a reflection of my design aesthetics. The room features the new cloud mobile by Trendy Peas in white, as well as custom color canvasses, the birth announcement, and Trendy Peas’ wall decal. What a joy to design and produce items to be used in my own nursery. Here is a list of where you can find all the lovely items in this nursery: - Crib: IKEA - Curtains: Pottery Barn - Red V Metal Letter: Pottery Barn Teen - Animal Art Prints: Sharon Montrose - Print Frames: Target - Crib Bumper: Dwell Studio - Elephant Photo Frame: Dwell Studio - 3D Wall Tiles: - ABC and Number Canvasses: - Cloud Mobile: - Fox Decal:

Favorite Items

My favorite item in this room is the 3D Wall Tile along with the wood that was applied to the wall. I loved how that turned out.


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    coolest nursery i’ve seen yet! love love love it! the 3d wall tiles and the wood are amazing.

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    So beautiful! I absolutely love everything you did with it, especially the walls and those cool frames!

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    Thank you so much for all the kind words. It was a lot of fun putting this room together for my baby.

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    Those I got from Pier 1 Import. I was there browsing for something for my living room when I encountered the darling animals. I knew I had to use them in the nursery.

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    Love the concept and look of your changing table/desk. I would love to have my husband make something like that for our babies room. (You did make that right?) Is that a full free-standing wood table or just an “L” shape resting on the dresser? Any tips on how to construct that?

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