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Pink and Orange Lofted Girls Room


This one-of-a-kind custom loft bedroom boasting bright pinks and orange was created for two sisters in NYC.

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  1. avatar Sarah says:

    I love this! I’ve been searching and searching for something that would work in my twin girls’ Room but have not found anything that seems to work… until now! If there is any way to get plans for this I’d sure like to know. Thank you!!

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  3. Simply amazing! A dream room for little ladies!

  4. avatar Amanda says:

    Love this! Where did the fabrics come from for the bedding and areas around the loft?

  5. This is a beautiful room for girls! Such fresh colors with lots of storage and space for imaginative play, yet a dedicated sleeping environment above/away from it all. Very pretty.

  6. avatar Glamamom says:

    I want this room!

  7. avatar momtrends says:

    Thanks Jodi! Bright and light!

  8. avatar momtrends says:

    Thanks Cori. They like having separate nooks to retire to. It works.

  9. avatar Jodi Grundig says:

    This is amazing!

  10. LOVE!! This is a little girls dream room. My daughter would love those loft beds!

  11. avatar momtrends says:

    Thanks Colleen. my girls are fans of bright colors. They are slowly converting me!

  12. avatar ClassyMommy says:

    Love it Nicole! Gorgeous bedroom. So much fun and so bright and bold.

  13. avatar momtrends says:

    Thanks Sabrina. The pink ceiling was a big hit with the girls!

  14. avatar PN_Sabrina says:

    I absolutely loved this room! The functional use of space is terrific, with all of those storage bins and putting the beds up high. What a cool room!