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Pink and Cream Shabby Elegance Nursery


This shabby elegant nursery was custom made for a princess!  There is a good blend between shabby chic and sheer elegance.  Overall, the room has a great calming effect to any and all who enter.

Design Inspiration

I drew from a few different inspirations for this nursery.  I really like Restoration Hardware nurserys, but I wanted to put a shabby chic and fancy elegant spin to Restoration Hardware.  I believe this was achieved!

Decorating Style

I have an eclectic type style.  In this nursery there are a few hints of victorian, some traditional, and a lot of rustic flares.

Project Details

Most of the items in the nursery were found at garage sales, estate sales, and the junk sections at local Trade Days.  The crib came from  The baby bedding, re-upholstered glider and foot stool, and curtains were custom made by Joyce Taylor Interiors out of Haynesville, Louisiana.  The dresser and bookcase were both found at estate and garage sales.  The dresser was a yellow and green and the bookcase was black.  I painted and antiqued the furniture pieces to my liking by using regular white paint found at Lowe's and a walnut stain sealed off with polyurethane.  The tin sign above the crib was found in a junk yard and is from a ceiling tile from a 1920s bank in Mississippi.  It was painted dark blue when I bought it.  I used a combination of the white paint used on the furniture and cream spray paint to get the color.  I then distressed the edges with a cheesecloth and dark grey spray paint.  The wooden letters that spell out 'Baylee' on the tin was bought on etsy from MoonSnailCreations1.  All the other pieces were randomly collected and added to complete the room.

Favorite Items

I LOVE the whole room, but a couple of my favorite items include the gorgeous monogrammed baby bumper with pearls made by Joyce Tayler Interiors and the TuTu princess bear in the frame on the bookcase.


Keep your eyes open for sales and bargains.  And know that just because its ugly now, doesn't mean you can't make it pretty again!

Kristin Sellers

Thursday 10th of November 2016

Hi Diane! I actually found it in a junk yard. I saw it and knew immediately what to do with it. The guy who sold it to me said it was a ceiling tin from a 1930s bank in Mississippi. Sorry I couldn't direct you to somewhere specific. But keep your eye out for neat treasures like this!


Thursday 10th of November 2016

Hi, I have the wooden name for my baby, but I was wondering where you got the background tin/frame that the wooden name are on. Thanks!!


Friday 12th of August 2016

You can find Joyce Taylor Interiors on Facebook and see how much she would quote this for.


Sunday 19th of June 2016

Can I buy this bedding anywhere?