Oliver’s Whimsical Woodland Nursery

  • Whimsical Woodland Nursery
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A whimsical woodland-themed nursery for our baby boy Oliver.

Decorating Style

Vintage, colorful, rustic, playful

Project Details

The hot air balloon lanterns were DIY, made out of painted paper lanterns, and the clouds were made out of pillow stuffing.  The mountain mural was also DIY.



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    Regarding the woodland nursery, Can you please give a bit of detail on how you created the mural?? i love it so much. What kind of paint did you use? What were the steps to create it?

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    Hi there! Sorry for the late reply, I just noticed your comments! Mary and Lindsay, we did not use a stencil for the mural. It was actually a lot easier than it looks! I found some examples of pine trees online and just free handed them! For the paint, I went to home depot (I think the paint was Behr) and picked a few shades that looked good together. We didn’t need that much paint for the wall, a sample size for each color was plenty. Rachael, the hot air balloons were DIY too! I made them by painting Chinese paper lanterns and attaching the bottoms of wicker baskets with twine. I used white christmas lights to light them. Hope this helps! :)

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    Do you have the swatch colors from the paint you used?? Im going to home depot as soon as i know what colors to get! I LOVE this wall!!!!

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    Great nursery! The mural in particular caught my eye and I’m hoping to replicate so many thanks for sharing! What crib sheets are the rest of you all thinking to go with the mural? I’m not really doing the whole woodland-theme. I’m thinking more along the lines of adventure and am getting a wall decal of a world map to go onanither wall and some friendly stuffed dragons in place of the air balloons, but I’m lost on sheets (not so many dragon options) and would love to hear other ideas and inspiration!

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    How were you able to attach the pillow stuffing to the wall and laterns? I really want to do the same thing for our nursery. Great idea!

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    @Carlita – crib sheets are super easy to make, and then you can use whatever fabric you love. Check out fabric.com for options, and then google crib sheet DIY – I think you only need about 2 yards of fabric and a bit of elastic for the corners, so it’s a pretty thrifty option too! I made a few for my best friend’s son, and plan to make some for my little guy (due in July!).

    This is such an adorable nursery! I love the mural and the hot air balloons! Genius! :)

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    Do you have plans for the diaper caddy you have on the dresser so my husband can build me one?

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    jswann113 I am trying to make some similar hot air balloons for my son’s room. Where did you get the netting on the top of the ballons. I have tried making one with just string but it didnr have the desired effect that I am after. So It got stamped on lol. Please please let me know I am desperate. He’s 14 months now I started decorating his room 4 months ago for his birthday!!!

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    Adore the nursery! How long did it take to paint? Also where do you find the nets for the balloons?

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    Love the hot air balloons…would like to know what diameter around they are? 30in? Where did you purchase these?

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    What size baskets?? and where did you purchase? ? HOW about the stuffed animals? ?
    Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful creation. I’m trying to base my nursery on your idea , only Id love for it to be a gray and yellow theme with elephants.

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    I have used this nursery as my inspiration. Where did you buy the stuffed animals? I really want to know, thanks.

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