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Penelope’s Sunshine 1st Birthday!


Penelope's handmade sweet and simple Sunshine theme 1st birthday. We used the colors yellow, aqua and gray.

Design Inspiration

The design inspiration came from her favorite song You Are My Sunshine. We didn't want the song to "take over" the party though but simply give us ideas on decorations.

Decorating Style

We were definitely on a budget and I tried my best to use supplies that were inexpensive. I LOVE to crochet so I had tons of yarn and thought I would use yarn for all the small details. Nearly all the use of yarn in the party is chain crocheted. We also hand many other handmade details.

Project Details

The pinata was handmade by husband, Blake, and I. The base is made of cardboard and the outer part crocheted. The pinwheels were made by my sister, Tracy. The garland hanging through the party is made from paint chip samples cut to triangles and strung using crocheted chains. We made a coloring station for the kids to play at as well as a beanbag toss board game for the kids to play with (which the adults loved too). I made the two crocheted bean bags as well. The beanbag board was made using a piece of 2x4 to prop it up and the board was a piece of pre-cut 2x3 plywood you can get at The Home Depot. For the center pieces we used the pinwheels in mason jars and just filled the jars with sand (cheaper than flowers).

Favorite Items

The pinata was my favorite decoration there. It was durable and can be used for my parties to come. However, I loved all the stuff we made for the party! It was easy and all very inexpensive to make.


Don't stress over having fancy party decoration. We tried to use materials we already had at home. Search the web for ideas. Check out sites like Project Nursery, Pinterest, and other blogs for ideas. There are so many ideas out there and DIY tips for making things for little to no money.


Wednesday 3rd of October 2012

The color scheme just works for me. Great choice on the yellows! Tell your husband that if he ever becomes a professional pinata maker, he'd make millions!


Thursday 25th of October 2012

Thank you! Yellows can be tricky and can really ruin the look you're going for if you choose the wrong one. That pinata took a while for me to crochet. Since I was making it up as I went there was a lot of pulling it apart and starting over!


Tuesday 2nd of October 2012

Simple yet neat and pretty party details. Your DIY/crocheted pinata is so unique.


Thursday 25th of October 2012

Thanks! :)