Peaceful Peter Rabbit Nursery

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Peaceful Peter Rabbit Nursery

Design Inspiration

I have always loved Peter Rabbit. I've never been big on any "cutesy" cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse etc.) but I've always loved the classic look and idea of the Beatrix Potter tales. I wanted to use simple, soft colors for my nursery but I wanted a bit of a theme too so that's how I decided to put together my Peter Rabbit nursery!

Decorating Style

I was going for a "Pottery Barn style" nursery. I wanted the nursery to look like my style and go with the rest of the house. I wanted a clean, classic look with simple, pretty colors, nothing too bright. When you think of a brand new baby you think soft, calm, quiet, not loud and bright. Boy or girl I like softer colors for a nursery.

Project Details

Crib - DaVinci Anastasia 4-in-1 Convertible in Espresso. Dresser/Changing Table - DaVinci Kalani Combo in Espresso. Hutch - DaVinci Emily II / Kalani in Espresso. Bedding - Pottery Barn Kids Peter Rabbit. Window Coverings - Pottery Barn Kids Gingham Panel With Blackout Liner. (Hold the cursor over each picture for diy info and specific project details.)

Favorite Items

I love all the little special decor pieces! I especially love the pieces I was able to reuse that are old and neat, stuff passed down through my family. The chair has been the most comfortable seat in the house! It is small and is such a great place to nurse or hold a little one for book time.


You'll be most happy with a style that's really your own. Incorporate items that are special to you or that you had as a child yourself. Pick up different decor items here and there. A room looks the prettiest when it all "goes together" not when it's completely "matchy matchy". Any time you can redo and reuse items it saves big in lots of ways! Reduce, reuse, recycle! So much of my nursery is USA made and that's always a great thing!


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    Wonderful theme! I was a Peter Rabbit fan myself. And I say even the colors you used for the room fit oh so perfectly and give the room that Peter Rabbit book feel.

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    Hi Chrissy, so sorry to just now see your comment. The wall color is Sherwin Williams “Favorite Tan”. :)

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    I am looking for the pottery barn Peter rabbit bedding!! Any clue where I could find it? We’ve tried eBay and craigslist.

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    Where did you purchase the Peter Rabbit posters? I am having a hard time finding them as large as I would like.

  9. 9

    Love the nursery!!!! I’m on the hunt for those exact same PR and BB Beatrix Potter prints. Do you mind sharing where you found them? Thanks!!!

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