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Mac’s Nursery


I wanted to create a soft, elegant room for my daughter. I knew I was going to be on a tight budget because I was going to be quitting my job to stay at home with her after she was born. Most of the items were hand-me-downs and thrift store items I refinished to make my own.

Design Inspiration

I had a friend who was getting rid of her old baby bedding which was a pink and white french toile with apple green and yellow accents. I was given an oil painting of pink roses when I moved into my house. It has a beautiful carved silver frame I knew I wanted to put in the nursery. I liked the bedding because it was timeless and debonair but the fabric was durable and soft. I wanted the nursery to be light, soft, feminine, and elegant.

Decorating Style

I find beauty in things that are old and have a history but I think it looks great to incorporate those things with items that are really unusual or unexpected whether its an antique chair recovered in an cool fabric or painted a metallic or bright color. I want my big expensive pieces to be fairly tradition and classic looking and then switch out the rugs, pillow, and accessories with funky finds.

Project Details

The crib was being thrown out so I refinished it with spray paint in silver and gold that I bought at Home Depot. The chandelier was also purchased at Home Depot as well as the glass knobs on the window seat and change table. The oil painting was a housewarming gift I moved from the living room into the nursery. The paint was purchased at Home Depot, it was pre-mixed pearl found in the faux paint section. The rug was purchased at Garden Ridge. The rocking chair is a family heirloom spray painted white and recovered with fabric I purchased at a local fabric store. The nightstand was pulled out of the guest room and taken to a local glass shop. After I painted it white I had the glass shop add mirror to the sides and front. The change table was a dresser I bought at a thrift store. I painted it white and added stripes to match the crib. I replaced the wooden knobs with glass knobs from Home Depot and found a local cabinet maker to construct a top for the changing pad with an area to store diapers, wipes, powders, and creams. I found some couch cushions that were being thrown out and wrapped them in batting then made a cover out of some soft durable fabric. I made covers for some other pillows to match but then threw in some pillows I found at TJ Maxx to mix it up. The light on the night stand, ivy topiary, and other accessories where purchased at TJ Maxx.

Favorite Items

I love the oil painting. It make a big statement and makes the whole room feel expensive.


Don't under estimate the value of a can of spray paint. Look for deals at the GoodWill and other thrift stores or yard sales. You can find great looking and inexpensive accessories at TJ Maxx and Marshals.


Tuesday 4th of December 2012

Love the window seat - and the glossy stripes on the walls!

Andrea Lowe

Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Aw, there's a lovely little vanity! Wish you had more pictures, especially close-up shots of the room's features or decors.

Amber Powers

Wednesday 21st of November 2012

The canopy's so cute and pretty, and I absolutely love that daybed by the window!


Sunday 18th of November 2012

I like the bright window seat and appreciate all the DIY work but I find myself wishing for some more playful and light fabric choices in here. The wicker chair could have looked really fresh with a more updated fabric rather than the heavy texture with the plaid accent and dated, oversized trim but that's a personal call, of course. Nice job refinishing the crib though!