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Parker’s Sweet Vintage Nursery


For my first baby, I knew I wanted something sweet and simple. I'm a lover of anything old and vintage, so that's where I knew the direction of the room would go. I started off collecting little odds and ends when I first found out I was expecting. Almost every item in the room (expect the crib) came from a flea market, antique store, or thrift shop. I never tried to match things perfectly, I wanted it to feel effortless and beautiful.

Design Inspiration

I believe my style & inspiration has stemmed from my Great-Grandmother, Millie. She found beauty and elegance in the littlest of things, which I always was fond of.  I knew that I wanted her to be "apart" of my daughter's nursery. So I found tiny items that reminded me of her, or that I knew she would have liked!

Decorating Style

Vintage with a hint of retro!

Project Details

Crib: Walmart

Rocking Chair: Bought at an estate sale. Parker's Grandma completely redid it!

Table: Made by Parker's Dad

Curtains: Vintage pillow cases, cut to size!

Changing Table: Bought from thrift store!

Mobile: Made my Parker's grandmother!

Crib Pillows: Made by Parker's grandmother

Crib Skirt: Made by Parker's Grandmother

Changing Pad Cover: Made my Parker's Grandmother

Vintage Images, Books and Toys: Flea Markets, thrift stores and garage sales.

Embroidery Hoops: Bought from Crafts 2000 and added my own vintage fabric

Favorite Items

The rocking chair! My Mother worked so hard on it! She completely redid it and put in so much time and effort. I believe it completes the room!


Simplicity is best! Look for a few key items that you really love, then design around them. The first item I bought was the humpty-dumpty bank from an antique store. I loved the colors and the vintage feel. That's where the whole design started!

Doris nester

Wednesday 10th of May 2017

So perfect for parker. Great job. I love it!!


Friday 8th of August 2014

Do you know what paint color you used? I love the wall color!

Milli Wagoner

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

This is the PERFECT vintage nursery!!!!!! You can definitely see all the love and care y'all put into it for your precious little Parker! My absolute fav!!! Ps-my name is Milli! Just like your Great Grandmother!