Little Miss World Traveler Nursery

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  • Vintage Suitcase Shelves with Travel Pieces from Around the World
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  • 5/17
  • Hanging Earth Light
  • 7/17
  • 8/17
  • London Telephone Booth Trash Can
  • DIY Headband Holder
  • Homemade Hot Air Balloon Craft
  • Jenny Lind Crib in Lagoon Blue
  • Pottery Barn Baroque Pinboard with Decoupaged Letters
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  • DIY Globe Light
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We travel a lot of and wanted to create a room that would inspire our little lady to explore her world.

Design Inspiration

We have a sense of wonder each time we travel. Learning new cultures, foods, people are some of the things that have created growth in our lives. We also love vintage finds at flea markets and thought we could marry both ideas into a nursery.

Decorating Style

Vintage, eclectic and creative.

Project Details

I loved the Jenny Lind crib in Lagoon Blue and it matched the ocean color on our world map perfectly. We also shopped the Land of Nod for our rug and one of our crib sheets. I saw suitcase shelves on pinterest and my husband was able to construct them from suitcases my mother had saved for years. I did the DIY headband holder from pinterest and my husband made the globe light. Her name sign is a pottery barn outlet find and we decoupaged a map over fun letters found at Michaels.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the Jenny Lind crib in lagoon blue. It was my first purchase and really made me feel that I could do this theme feminine enough for a girl.


Visit flea markets and furniture consignment shops!! Think of all the stories these pieces have had before you and what a great find they are to have in your home. Plus - it's a huge savings!!!


  1. 1

    Such an amazing nursery!!! I wish I was having another baby so you could come and do my nursery!

  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
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  6. 9

    I just love this nursery. I love travel, and vintage stuff. This nursery is just too wonderful. :) Great job!

  7. 10

    Looks great! I have a London theme cooking… please tell me where to find the phone booth waste bin.

  8. 11

    Thanks! I found the phone booth waste bin at Home Goods. They also had Union Jack bins. You should check out Walmart too – they have a GREAT area rug in black and white and a double-decker bus in red. I almost purchased that. :) Happy hunting! (p.s. – there is also prince crowns drawer pulls hobby lobby!)

  9. 12
  10. 13
  11. 14

    I would so love to decorate another nursery. I have 30 ideas – no joke.. Too bad I didn’t know Mrs. Duggar or I could have used most of them. ;)

  12. 15

    This is gorgeous!!!! I’ve already had my eye on this crib for our next baby!

  13. 16

    Absolutely awesome nursery! I’m borrowing quite a few ideas! I have to ask.. Where did you get the flag blanket? I’m a military newborn photographer and that would be an amazing picture, as yours is! :)

  14. 17

    I was wondering where you got the blanket with the countries names on it?! I want to make a baby neutral nursery with antique maps and stuff like that and that blanket would be perfect!!! Also where did you get the American flag blanket? Or where did you get the fabric to make the blankets? Your help would be much appreciated!!!
    Thank you
    Terra Spellman

  15. 19

    Was the lovely time zone clock another flea market find? I am obsessed with it!!! ♥

  16. 20

    Where did you purchase the Jenny Lind crib from? I’m finding that the Lagoon color is more of a teal on some retailers sites vs the mint you have. Thank you!!

  17. 21

    Hi Megan, I think it’s just the lighting in that one image that makes it look lighter. If you see it in the next shot, it’s darker. We have the lagoon color in our shop. Good luck with your nursery design!

  18. 22

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