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Our Brooklyn Boy’s Modern Mountain Nursery


We live in a small 2 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Since our 2nd bedroom was an office, we cleared out mostly everything but 2 bookshelves to make room for Baby T's nursery. The room is 7'x10' so we didn't have a lot of space to work with. We also don't plan to stay here forever so we didn't want to spend a ton of money on the space. I'm a creative and my husband is in medical school with an engineering degree. So together we created a lot of stuff for the room to make it personalized and unique.

Design Inspiration

I referred to the theme as 'Modern Mountain Man'. I wanted a fresh perspective on the mountains. Not rustic and flannel, but uplifting and calming with details that speak to the mountains. We also didn't want to paint the room since when it was an office, we painted it a light mint color, so this became a hard point that we wanted to design around.

Decorating Style

I want the room to feel open, airy and calming. A space for our soon to be baby son to feel at ease...and hopefully sleep well;) Since the room is small we opted for white furniture so it would lighten up the space and not add visual weight or make the room feel smaller.

Project Details

DIY Drawer Knobs: Collected branches, cut to 3" each, sanded edges, 8 layers of Polyurethane, drilled hole and sunk screw through drawer

DIY Curtain Rod: Collected Branches for rod and brackets, Coated in Polyurethane

DIY Mobile: Found some patterns on Pinterest for Felt ornaments and created some of my own. Attached to Amazon Mobile Bracket.

DIY Hands Free iPad Holder: Used parts from Ikea Frack Mirror and attached to old iPad to read/watch movies while nursing late at night.

DIY Diaper + Changing Table Storage Bins: Inspired by Etsy design. Bought fabrics, dowels and made pattern to sew and attach to wooden bracket.

Favorite Items

The hands free iPad holder that we built. I had a vision of sitting on the rocking chair late at night and catching up on TV shows I didn't have time for. But my hands would be used to hold the baby and nurse. So I drew up a design for a hands free iPad holder that used a $4 Ikea mirror that pulls off the wall to be placed in front of me. My husband's engineering mind helped make this happen and excited that it really works!


Use Pinterest to build your vision. Start with the big pieces of furniture first so you get an idea of what takes up the space in the room...and fill in from there. We had other ideas like book shelves on the wall and such, but after we set up everything that we really wanted, we decided it would feel too cluttered with the extras. Also look for ideas in non baby magazines for an unexpected look. Lastly, Baby Bargains gave me the confidence that I could spend $170 on a crib that looks just as cute as a $500 crib and passed all the same safety tests.


Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Love the prints on wall that say be brave, stand tall, etc. where could i find these?

Karis walker

Thursday 12th of January 2017

Where can you find this adorable campfire lamp?


Saturday 14th of January 2017

Hi Karis, It's from Land of Nod.