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Nursery For Celeste Rose


This is my daughter's Nursery. It has a "Sailor Girl/ Nautical" theme.

Design Inspiration

My design inspiration came from a style board designed by Joni Lay of, pictured here...Love her stuff!  I thought the sentiment of a sailor girl was perfect for a little girl's room. I like how a "sailor girl" evokes adventure to far away places and meeting crazy characters along the way.

I also looked at a tone of photos on Project Nursery and Pintrest; I think that is essential.

Decorating Style

My decorting style is a lot of DIY from hand me down furniture and fun finds from antique and thrift stores.  Also modern Ikea furniture, lol.

I rent my house, so I wanted to keep the decor minimal.  I have a theme, but I kept it simple so I could include baby/kid things in her room for her.

Project Details

DIY: Black-out drapes made by my mom, she's a professional, valences made by me, letter "C" made by me with wooden beads, narwhal head, cloud mobile, burlap covered display board, cross stitch name and birth date picture made by my grandmother, lamp thrifted and painted by me, rose pillow sewn and painted intials, and Whale plushy

Bought things: Crib: Amazon, toy basket and pouf: Target, Book shelf and book display shelves, and rocker: Ikea, gold polka-dot decals and sequin bows: Land of Nod, wooden anchor: Three Potato Four, lumbar pillow: Urban Outfitters.

Everything Else was a hand me down, thrifted, or from an Antique store.


Favorite Items

I would have to say the Narwhal head, picture gallery, the Drapes, and the cross-stitch made by my grandma.


If you have a theme keep it simple.  Make sure you are designing a room that a child can use at all stages of life. Multi-funtional furniture, small furniture, and keeping toys, ect. near the floor is helpful also.


Thursday 15th of May 2014

Love to see those gold dot decals. So on trend. Did you say they are from Ikea? Nice job pulling everything together. We love Joni too.

Leena Silverman White

Thursday 15th of May 2014

Thanks! The gold dot decals are from Land of Nod; they are really fun to place around the room.