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Nature Themed Nursery for a Baby Boy!


I designed a helicopter and nature themed nursery for my baby boy with neutral and adaptable furniture pieces!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration came from my honeymoon in Thailand. I loved how the Thais brought nature indoors in a sophisticated way. I wanted the room to feel fresh and earthy all while using pieces that are neutral for another future baby. I had to throw helicopters in the mix as my husband flies helicopters for the Italian Navy! I was also inspired by Pinterest. Every day I would collect ideas on my Pinterest board and would bring those photos with me everywhere to local vendors to give them an idea of what I was looking for. I hated the idea of my house becoming full of baby things. I was focused on choosing versatile pieces that could work if put into another room.

Decorating Style

My style is European Modern/DIY originality

Project Details

The crib is from a fabulous Spanish company called Alondra focuses on versatile pieces that can be adapted and used for a lifetime. The dresser was inspired by a dresser I saw on I took the photo of the dresser to a local carpenter and he made the dresser even better than the one from the net! The drawers close automatically. The rocking chair was inspired from RH baby and child. I didn't want to deal with the shipping costs for the chair or the fact that it was nonrefundable, so I had my local carpenter make the chair. I chose the fabric and went with a very baroque style wood design. The birchwood clothes rack was also inspired by the net. I took this idea to a florist who put the rack together for me. The pouf is from an Etsy shop called Kumekodesign, product called Knotty. I loved this pouf so much that I waited for it to be back in stock for months. There's nothing else like it! The star garland was made by me-inspired from an Etsy shop called LuLueFruFru. The bear in the frame was inspired by a blog online. I couldn't find anyone who sold this so I made it myself by buying an old frame and teddy bear at an antique shop and coordinating it with some cute fabric for the background. The crochet helicopters were from an Etsy seller as well named VliegendeHollander. The seller was only selling the pattern, however I convinced her to make them for me since I didn't have the time. I could write a book about my nursery but overall almost everything in the room was either bought from a private seller, made locally, or DIYed. It's original and I love my nursery to death!

Favorite Items

Choosing a favorite in this room is very difficult because I love each piece! However, my most favorite piece is definitely the crib because it's secretive and versatile. It can change into a toddler bed or into a desk if flipped around. The crib can be used for a lifetime because of these factors so it wasn't just a short lived purchase! I love that I can also use it for a girl in the future and that I can put it into an office eventually and no one would know that it was once a crib!


My advice is to not settle for what's available but to continue pushing until you reach your vision and end up with a room that expresses you! Start as early as possible and have a portfolio of ideas that you can show people or that you can use yourself when out and about. I had an entire wall full of pictures to help me visualise the final room and to help coordinate colors and style.

Jessica Venture Laporta

Thursday 14th of January 2016

Of course! The garland was a beautiful touch


Tuesday 12th of January 2016

I'm proud my star garland was an inspiration for you to make your own! Lovely baby boy nursery! Thank you for mentioning my shop!