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Monochrome Zoo Nursery


I have to say, coming up with a plan for a boys nursery was a challenge for me. I am very girly and for a while everything i came across while searching for inspiration was geared towards girls. One thing that helped me was the fact that my choice of color schemes for just about everything tends to be very neutral, black, grays, nudes, olive green, white, and the occasional blush tend to me my go-to's. It actually drove my boyfriend Petey, crazy because when he thinks of a boys room he wants loud colors, super heroes and all of that fun stuff. Which i am totally okay with! Well.. maybe not the loud colors part lol but super heroes yes! once he is a little older. For now we had to think baby, i knew i wanted to choose colors and patterns to really get his eyes trained and for the first three months or so i knew that they can only see black white and grey. This was my starting point.

Petey and i ended up battling between shades of grey or shades of olive green/nudes. Grey turned out to be the winner and once i found the crib and furniture i loved from Babyletto it was game on! With the paint and furniture picked out we could finally get started... the design on the wall came inspired by a Pinterest photo of course, i knew i wanted some type of geometric decal on the walls and thats where the dots came in.

For about a month all we had was a painted room with furniture because holy crap did finding decor give me anxiety. I had trouble committing to ordering so many things because they needed to flow together and it was an expensive commitment. I searched high and low finding inspiration through Instagram & Pinterest which lead me to SO many beautiful decor shops, and a camera roll full of screenshots..which quickly lead to a decrease in my bank account.. but who cares right?! this is my first baby so I was on a mission to have fun with this. I was beyond happy with the outcome of Dominic's nursery, i enjoyed every minute of creating it with Petey (probably more than him) haha.

My favorite parts of the room have got to be the accent wall for sure, Petey worked so hard on it and it was quite the challenge because our walls are not smooth so he drove himself crazy trying to make straight lines. My favorite part decor wise is the crib & the play-gym.. these play-gyms by Little Pine and Co are absolutely beautiful. They are handmade so nicely, and make the perfect little sensory toy. I will say I still have a few things that I feel need to be added to make it complete but with baby here I've been a little distracted. My best piece of advice i can give when designing a nursery is take. your. time... you've got 10 months !! Also for the sake of not being turned down by every idea... instead of talking about it to your significant other, SHOW him, trust me it makes things a whole lot easier! Start planning as soon as you find out the big news and add a little here and there on the way so that you get EXACTLY what you'd envisioned :) xo

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  1. avatar ashley piowlski says:

    Hey Sabryna, yes i used painting tape to create the lines :)

  2. avatar Sabryna says:

    Hello! Hopefully I can get an answer but how do I make the big triangle as straight as possible. Did you use tape?

  3. avatar Belinda says:

    Hi I really love your sons room this is my inspiration for my sons just wanting to know what colour greys you have used if you remember the name of the paint colour having trouble matching the colour 😊 and your animal wall hangings please

  4. avatar Amber Christiansen says:

    I am wondering what three colors you used for paint. Thanks!

  5. avatar Staci says:

    Hi how big are the dots you have used?


  6. Hi Meghan ! Thank you so much… the decals surprisingly stayed on just fine for us.. I’m not sure if a different brand would matter or not but these ones worked great I even took them off and still have them I’m probably going to re use them for the new nursery I am currently designing :)

  7. avatar meaghan says:

    Hi Ashley!!!

    I am working on doing my sons nursery similar to yours; i love it!!! i noticed that your wall is knock down like ours, do the circle decals stay on the wall well without falling off?? Just want to make sure before ordering since I usually have a hard time with things staying on this type of wall :( Thanks so much!! and congrats!!!!

  8. avatar Ali says:

    Asia- we used a chalk line. You can buy them at the hardware store. We pulled the string covered in chalk from corner to corner and then you snap the line and it leaves a blue chalk line that washes off. Then we taped right up to that line. We did a big x from corner to corner but didn’t obviously tape the whole way for the one triangle!

  9. Hey Asia, its a weird strategy but… we put a pin in each corner of the wall and then took string and wrapped the string around one corner pin and then all the way to the diagonal corner that way it made a perfectly symmetrical guide for us and then we taped painters tape along those strings to allow us to paint along the line. Hope this helps!

  10. avatar Asia says:

    Hey! How did you measure off the walls to get the right dimensions for painting… if that makes sense…

    Like did you measure your wall in half and then half again kind of thing?

  11. avatar Beth says:

    They are from IKEA. Looks like the EKBY shelves to me.

  12. avatar Lesley says:

    Do you know where are the shelves from? Thanks!

  13. avatar Jessie says:

    Where did you get the lion pillow?

  14. Hello all, I no longer have the paint cans which contain the name of the paint colors.

    Any products you see should be tagged at the bottom or the right of this post with the links to that store/product

    Desiree, I believe I have the 6 FT rug :)

    If anyone has any other questions.. send me a DM via Instagram @betweenthebabes that is a better way to contact me


  15. avatar Desiree says:

    What size is the ikea rug you used? the 4 foot or almost 6? Thanks!! You inspired my nursery!!!!

  16. avatar Liz says:

    Could you please share the paint colors?

  17. avatar lauren says:

    Hi !! This nursery is AMAZING. Do you remember the brand and names of the paint colors you used ?

  18. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Niki, It looks like a Boppy pillow with a blanket draped over it to me. I’m not sure where the blanket is from.

  19. avatar Niki Dickey says:

    Hi!!!! Love it all! What kind of pillow is the baby laying on? Where could I find it ? Thank you soo much! ♡

  20. avatar Paz says:

    Hey! Where is that poster from?

  21. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Heather, The lion pillow is from Pottery Barn Kids and the blanket is here. Sources are linked in the righthand column on desktop or down below on mobile.

  22. avatar Heather says:

    This is amazing!! Do you have other links for things in the room? I love the bear blanket and the lion pillow on the chair!

  23. avatar Adriana says:

    Where is the rug from

  24. avatar Ash says:

    Obviously she doesn’t want to share the paint colors. SW has a couple great true grays…Portsmouth Landing and Cobblestone Arch.

  25. avatar Ali says:

    Hey what are the colors of grey you used ?? Finding greys that don’t look blue is really hard!!!

  26. avatar Justine says:

    Hi ! Where did u get the bed please ?

  27. avatar Jillian says:

    Adorable! Do you have paint colors you used?

  28. avatar Paige overmyer says:

    Hi! Do you know the exact colors for the monochrome wall? Looking to do this to my two year olds room!

  29. avatar Emma Jane says:

    Where can i buy the cot and draws? :)

  30. avatar Ashley says:

    where is the crib from?!

  31. avatar Charlie says:

    Hi there. Beautiful room – what are the paint colours/brands? Thanks

  32. avatar Romedenne lucy says:

    Bonjour j’aimerai reproduire la même chose pour mon petit garçon ui arrive en septembre et j’aimerai savoir si c’était du papier peint ou du papier peint avec pochoir .merci pour votre reponse

  33. avatar Becky Moore says:

    The room looks beautiful! Like many others I would love to know the name of your paint colours. Thanks so much!

  34. avatar Ashley says:

    What is the main gray color that you used?

  35. avatar Salena says:

    Hi there! Love the room! Where is that crib from?

  36. avatar Jenni says:

    This is beautiful! Would you mind sharing the colors your used in the room? We are look to do this so it would be a lot easier to use your colors. You did this SO well!

  37. Shelves are from IKEA

    And breann, that technique would be mommy having the patience to go touch it up ! Lol we used painters tape to avoid most of the bleeding but it still happened a little.

  38. avatar breann hammon says:

    What technique did he use to get the lines so straight without bleeding?

  39. avatar Mak says:

    Where is the shelf from

  40. avatar Jessie says:

    Do you have the names of the grey paint colors you used? The ones on the accent wall and the color of the other walls (which I kind of assume is the same as the medium grey on accent wall)

  41. Wee gallery.. the link is below ?

  42. avatar Cori says:

    Where did you get the grow wild growth chart? Thank you!

  43. Hi Kristen ! All of the animal heads are from target :)

  44. avatar Kristen says:

    Where can I purchase the giraffe wall hook? I am doing an animal theme nursery and would love to add this.