Love Bird Garden Nursery

  • Love Bird Garden Nursery
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When I found out that I was pregnant with a baby girl it was a huge game changer for me since I was currently a boy mom.  There were so many things we could do!  I knew I wanted to go with gold and pink, but that was about it.  We bought a new house and expected to work on her nursery before she was born then life threw us a curveball... Baby Jordin arrived 6 weeks early on Christmas Eve.  She was in the NICU for only a week and was a very strong baby with the skinniest little bird legs and the nickname "J-Bird" came to life.  That inspired me to create a bird themed nursery which evolved into her love-bird garden haven.  Since we were incredibly unprepared due to her unexpected arrival and us moving into a new house, we decided to take our time and give her a photo shoot when it was completed.  So 4 months later her nursery is complete and now we have these beautiful photographs that we will treasure forever.  I used many products from the Etsy community which I myself am a part of and strongly support.  The photography was taken by Memories Through Time.


What I have learned is that when you are working on a project like this when you have expectations for the outcome...take your time.  If I had rushed this because she was a preemie, I wouldn't have been as excited about it as I am now!


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    I love the birth announcement print (with the watercolor flowers)! Can you tell me where you ordered that? It is exactly what I’m looking for for my daughter’s nursery.

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