Molly’s Room

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We converted our guest bedroom into a nursery. It was already painted yellow so there was not much work to be done.

Design Inspiration

I didn't want the room to look like I went to the baby store and bought all matching items.

Decorating Style

Shop around. Nursery decor doesn't have to come from a baby store.

Favorite Items

I love the mobile I created. When the heat or air is on the butterflies move slightly. I loved the paper mobiles I had seen in some stores but didn't want to spend $75 on one. Mine cost about $12.


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    cozy and pretty room. the yellow gives it a touch of sunlight and the brown gives it warmth and earthiness.

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    I bought the butterflies pre- punched on etsy. It was cheaper than buying a punch and paper. They are just card stock.

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