Maxwell’s Chuggington First Birthday Party

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We chose a Chuggington First Birthday Party theme for our son, Maxwell. He loves the show on Disney. My husband and I also work in the building industry so we watch as well! The colors are so bright and fun, we just had a blast putting the party together. The cake was my favorite item and I was sad to cut into it but it was as delicious as it was cute. My mom ordered the overalls from an Etsy shop and everyone loved seeing Maxwell dressed to impress. We made a lot of the table decor and the backdrop for the tablescape ourselves. Had such a great time. Can't wait for 2!!

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    Wow, awesome party! I’m throwing my son a Chuggington party as well and I’m trying to get creative so thank you for sharing your ideas. I would love to know where you got the huge Chuggington logo/sign that you have as part of the backdrop. Thanks! Choo-choo

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